Rockabilly Rebuild Online Course

The world’s first course that does more than just show you rockabilly licks – it teaches you the the basic structure of music so you can understand the style, understand the fretboard and create your own licks with the concepts learnt. 

Intro To Course

Are you tired of playing someone else's licks?

Look no further than Rockabilly Rebuild, the ultimate online guitar course led by Adrian Whyte. Whether you’re a beginner craving to learn the ropes or an experienced guitarist seeking to master the iconic rockabilly style, this course is tailor-made for you.

With Adrian’s expert guidance and infectious passion, you’ll delve into the scale tones and nuances that define this genre, giving you the power to analyse and recreate those iconic licks, and even create your own!

You will get an incredible education from a wealth of knowledge by Adrian Whyte.

  Get  lifetime access to the course for $99.


I’ve played around on guitar for 35+ years. Until I started working with Adrian’s lessons and his Rockabilly Rebuild course, I was at best a hummer and a strummer. Before Adrian, I couldn’t actually play a complete scale on guitar, let alone attempt a Rockabilly solo (does air-guitar count?). But that has all changed thanks to his coaching.

Adrian is an incredibly talented, passionate, and creative musician. As a teacher he is personable, observant, and encouraging. I never thought that in 6 months I would already be learning notes up and down the neck, scales, modes, complex jazz chords, triads, multi-genre rhythms, soloing, and the real skills that it takes to play the guitar like I’ve always wanted to. I’m absolutely playing better, more consistently, and with more precision and knowledge than I ever have in my entire life.

Adrian’s lessons are well thought out, clear, ordered, precise, and incredibly useful. They just make sense… And, they are FUN! The Rockabilly Rebuild lessons really make sense. They intelligently build on each other. They allow me to see a clear path forward and monitor my own personal growth as I go. This has been the best value for money that I have spent on learning guitar in decades. Adrian’s the real deal.

If getting really good at guitar is what you’re after, this is money and time well spent. I’ve actually now been offered real gigs! This absolutely wouldn’t have happened without Adrian. I can’t imagine a higher praise than that! Sincerely A Very Happy Student,

Dr. Everett Stanton