Our Teachers

Learn Guitar. Have Fun. Make Music.

Lauren Felicity

Lauren is a Melbourne gigging veteran who loves to rock! We believe there need to be more girls wielding the guitar so there was no better way to say this than by employing this talented she-rocker. Lauren is here to introduce women and children to the way of the Guitar Suite, and guide them on their guitar journeys!

Mitch Zouzounis

Mitch discovered his passion in his early teens and has flourished as musician. A current student with the Australian Institute of Music, he has become an exceptional guitar player who has been featured on international guitar video compilations from artists within his favourite niches of playing. He can do anything - metal, blues, tapping, rock.. he's a shred master and he's ready to help you or your child start out and/or flourish on the guitar.

Bailey Roe

Bailey is the Bass-meister of the Guitar Suite. We aren’t sure if bass-meister is a word, but we are sure Bailey is one! He is also an accomplished guitar player and is particularly passionate about teaching and learning music.