February Update

This month we saw the release of Hillbilly Moon Explosions “Call ME” released publicly to Youtube. The transcription is available in the library at Adrianwhyteonline.com and will be updated gradually on this platform. The Part 2 video will be available to Patreons and Online, Adrianwhyteonline users will be able to access the complete tab before the video release.

This Cat’s on A Hot Tin Roof (Intro)- Due for release 23/2 – Brian Setzer’s formidable guitar playing is broken down for YouTubers with this awesome intro! Tabs available online or for patreons. Video lesson is free to YouTubers.

Rockabilly Rebuild Module 3 – Sometime this week we will have the latest module of Rockabilly Rebuild up. Rockabilly Rebuild explores the major scale number system, and give us a language in which to understand guitar licks and ideas that we like, and reapply them around the neck. Part 3 shows the second octave of the major scale, and we apply the number system to some simple rockabilly licks. In part 4, we will learn how to play the 8 note major scale all over the neck, and apply one lick in all positions. It’s truly enlightening and I highly recommend getting on to it if you are a member of Adrianwhyteonline.com

Addition of the Jazz / Swing Section 

You may have seen some of my jazz and swing tutorials – we are slowly getting these across to the website complete with chord charts / transcription pdf material that is exclusive to members.