March Update

I have a previously filmed video coming out talking about my duo jet and how I love it.

I will also be filming a workshop for Adrianwhyteonline members about getting the most from your learning, mainly centred around practice tips and learning songs. This will see the addition of the workshop section of the website.

Song transcription – I will likely focus on Travis Picking in March, from old school travis picking tips to how it can fit into rockabilly or psychobilly, just like the Rev or Brian Setzer, it’s a wonderful skill that can be used broadly.

I’m also acutely aware that it’s time for some more psychobilly! So I’ll pick something in that vein to begin work on.


We are expecting the birth of our second child, so I am working round the clock to ensure there is content ready for the craziness that is going to ensue, but don’t forget there are now nearly 90 Transcriptions on the website, book matched with pdfs, and three courses to work on – so I’m sure you’ll be as busy as I will.

It’s been an epic task getting here and it’s not over .. in fact, we are on the right path to turn this into an even more continuous, comprehensive guitar lesson machine from the YouTube to the website and everything in between!

So thank you for being here, and I’ll see you in the next video!

Regards, Adrian and team.