25 Psychobilly Licks Online Course

Supercharge your guitar playing by adding 25 Psychobilly Licks to your arsenal.

Adrian breaks down each lick in bite sized videos and has provided guitar tab and guitar pro files so you can easily follow along.

Intro To Course

Are you ready to unleash a frenzy of electrifying guitar riffs that will make your audience go wild?

Introducing “25 Psychobilly Guitar Licks,” the ultimate course by the master of six-string mayhem, guitarist Adrian Whyte. Get ready to dive headfirst into the thrilling world of psychobilly, where rockabilly meets punk rock with a twist of dark and edgy vibes. With Adrian as your guide, you’ll learn how to shred like a maniac, mastering 25 mind-blowing licks that will leave your listeners begging for more.

Join the course today and witness the transformation of your guitar playing into an unstoppable force of rock ‘n’ roll energy. Get ready to blow minds, melt faces, and rock the world like never before! $49 gets you a lifetime access to the course.